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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.

work with me

I'm an editor & a writing coach.

I can help you write.

I demystify the process, help you build your own writing practice,
and empower you to convey your truth through the written word.
I support you every step of the way.  

I can refine your writing.

I apply my editorial eye and listen to my writer's intuition
to make your writing and storytelling stronger and clearer.

I work with writers, authors, and online entrepreneurs.

My clients write fiction, nonfiction, websites, courses, books, and opt-in guides,
and they want the things they write to be very, very good.

All of my services are relationship-based.

When we work together, I am an invested partner in your work.
We collaborate on the text, but I am ultimately concerned with your outcomes, experience and growth.

I will engage you and your project with depth and love.

I do thorough work. I do deep work. I do thoughtful work.
I love my clients and my projects. When we work together, expect me to love you too.

"You’re the only editor I’ve ever worked with that cares about the people behind the words."

{Erin Miller}

Customized editorial support for full-length fiction and nonfiction books.

I work with authors who seek to produce engaging, consistent, creative, and well-executed manuscripts, whether they intend to seek traditional publication or plan to self-publish.

My services are developmental and substantive in nature. If you're looking for a proofread or finishing services only, we will not be a good fit.

My services are primarily geared toward helping you create a book that you can be proud of, a book that matches your vision and intention, and a book that will be enjoyable for your ideal reader.

My work is geared toward helping you create the best book possible. Be prepared to rewrite or reexamine significant sections of your manuscript as part of the editorial process.

I am most interested in fostering relationships of depth and substance. Most of my clients choose to work in partnership with me, developing the book together over the course of several editorial passes. This partnership includes my full, holistic support and unlimited passes on your book until we're both happy with the outcome. The editorial partnership starts at $3500.

If my schedule allows, I am happy to provide editorial feedback in a less comprehensive way. I will customize a package to suit your needs.

I do not edit on strict timeline.  I do not take rush projects. I set check-in dates with my clients, not deadlines. If you value speed over depth, we will not work well together.

"There is no substitution for an editor who is thorough, guides your creative process, understands your long-term goals, and simply gets you. Brenda has mentored me through the crafting process of three books, and I cannot imagine doing it without her.

Her guidance, encouragement, and critique have made my books shine and have helped me hone my craft. Brenda is dedicated to her clients and cares deeply about their projects and goals.

Brenda is not just an editor, she is a mentor, a cheerleader, and a guru."

{ Michelle Boule }

Individual editorial services range from $700 - $1750.
Editorial partnerships begin at $3500.

Contact me to discuss editorial options for your book.
Pricing above is based on manuscripts from 70,000 - 120,000 words.
I offer monthly payment plans.


Customized & contextual editorial support
for online content, opt-ins, blogs, and courses.

I work with online entrepreneurs who seek to create stunning content that is authentically aligned with their voice, their business, and their work in the world. 

I do not offer copywriting services. 

My primary objective is to help you craft impeccable content that reaches your audience. I will work with you to create or revise content for a variety of purposes, including website copy, opt-ins, courses, sales pages, and ebooks.

I prefer to work in the context of your business. Be prepared to explain your services and offerings, your approach, your client base, etc. If you need help nailing some of these things down, I can provide support and guidance here as well.

I am not primarily an internet marketer. However, as a business owner myself, I can and will bring my entrepreneurial experience to bear to provide guidance and feedback.

I do not take rush projects from new clients, and I value depth over speed. If you have a timeline, let me know at the outset, and I will let you know if I can accommodate it.

I am willing to take a limited number of clients on a retainer basis. If this interests you, let me know and we can discuss.

"After reading Brenda’s fabulous newsletter for months, I knew she would be the ideal person to help craft my new homepage.

I wanted this page to be brief, to evoke safety and trust for my readers and clients, and be crystal clear about who and I am what I do. This was not easy peasy. However, with Brenda’s juicy probing questions, her care and reverence for finding just the right combination of words, I now have a homepage that I am super proud of. And several hundred lovely folks have signed up to my free opt-in since the page went live.

Book this woman!"

{ Sas Petherick }

"Brenda truly takes the time to get to know you, what you do, and why you do it so that she can ensure that it's all reflected on your website. Her feedback continually proved that she takes in everything that you say and gets what you wish to imply.

I was blown away by how well she understood me and what I wanted to convey to my clients. More importantly, she took the time to understand my clients and their needs and offered suggestions to make their experience with my site easier.

Brenda also knew the best way to work with me so that I felt encouraged and more than capable to make the necessary changes I needed to better align my copy."