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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.

work portfolio

Thanks for stopping by! Here's my resume and a curated list of samples of my writing and editing for your review.

Résumé (2017)

Samples of Writing for Forest North (2016-2017)

This is a small selection of my most recent blog posts. 

The Five Key Elements to Writing a Book
Why Bestseller Status Doesn't Matter
The Other Half of Book Writing

This is a sample of the editorial agreement I constructed to frame my editorial partnership work with clients.

Editorial Agreement

This is an ebook I created about using ritual to enhance the creative-writing process.

Creating Space

Samples of Editorial Critiques (2015-2017)

I delivered this critique to a client to help guide her restructure / rebrand of her website content.

Olwen's Critique

I delivered this critique to a client to help her finish the first draft of her fiction manuscript.

Lacy's Critique

Samples of In-Text Editorial Feedback (2014-2017)

These are some samples of the different levels of editorial feedback I provide to my clients and the different types of writing I've worked with. I have included them to demonstrate my editorial work and feedback, although the content itself is not my own.

Copyediting Sample (digital content)
Line Editing Sample (PhD dissertation)
Developmental Editing Sample (and the final version of the same text) (fiction, YA fantasy)

Samples of Technical Writing & Support Documentation (2009-2012)

I created these user guides to the phone system during my tenure at the Science and Arts Academy.

Voicemail Setup Guide
School Phone System Cheat Sheet
School Phone System Button Guide 

I created this data-entry guide for my colleagues at Hemisphere Educational Travel to ensure our approach to content was consistent across the company.

Tour Tools Data Entry Guide

Writing Interests

I've often said that you could interest me in a 100-level course about pretty much anything. I'm an avid and diverse reader, both online and off.

When I'm editing, I honestly don't care what about the topic of the work I'm editing. I do care about whether the author of the piece is invested in making it better, whether the author is being manipulative in their sales tactics (i.e., actively agitating triggering reader issues for a sale), whether I know what style guide the text should be edited to conform to, and whether it is true to the best of the author's ability.

As long as those benchmarks are met, I'll edit a 500-page manual about proper basketball inflation (and probably learn something along the way).