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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.


the missive | writing wisdom & writing advice for authors

Weekly newsletter written by an editor / book coach full of writing support, writing advice, and thoughts about writing, the writing world, culture of writing, and writers in general, directed towards new writers, experienced writers, indie authors, and authors who desire traditional publication.

The missive: weekly writing wisdom, in your inbox.


Dear writerly one, 

      I really want you to feel good about the work you do. And if you're not doing the work you want to do, I want you feel good about starting the work you want to do. (There's no shame in not having started.) Feeling good precedes doing good. And I want to help you do impeccable work.

     I also really want you to grow, as a writer and a person. Stagnation and stuck-ness cramp our creativity, hamper our capacity to interact with the world, and just plain suck. In nature, if you're not growing, you're dying. Growth is the mechanism by which we improve our work (and ourselves). And I want you to surprise yourself with your own capacity.

     These weekly missives are intended to be a slow drip of support. A little bit of wisdom to think about, to chew over, to grow from. A nugget of insight, or a gentle challenge, or a prompt. Writing is a state of mind, not an action. You don't get to prove" yourself a writer, but signing up for the missive will help you think like one.

A weekly email from me is like a little, loving whisper in your ear: You can do this. You can write the way you've dreamed about. Your book can be all that you want it to be, and maybe more. You deserve to do this work."

Let me write to you. Sign up below. 



P.S. I do believe this, and I do believe in you.


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The first need of writing is desire.

But the second need? It is space. 
Space to think, space to feel, and space to do the actual writing.

Let me show you how to create this space for yourself,
no matter where you are in your writing journey.

Through intention and action.
Through ritual.

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