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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.

terms & agreements

Terms and agreements for use of my website, my material, and the author material that appears here.

I'm not a big fan of legalese.
But I also understand that some guidelines are necessary. 

If you're here, and interacting in good faith, you're probably fine. 
Basically: Don't be a jerk. And don't steal my stuff. 

Thanks, y0.


  • Everything on this site is copyright Forest North Books / Brenda Errichiello, unless indicated otherwise.
  • All editing samples are used with permission from their original authors; they retain their rights to their own work.
  • Please feel free to link or quote up to five consecutive sentences from my site; however, I request you provide a link back to the quoted material or resource notes with your source. If you'd like to use more, email me.
  • Don't copy my text or products verbatim. Seriously. That's so not cool.
  • Inspired by something I wrote? Want to respond? Awesome! I'd link back to you, and would expect you to do the same.

{Commenting & Decorum}

  • I'm perfectly comfortable with conflict. Just don't be a jerk. Pretend your mom is reading. And if your mom's a jerk...well, that sucks, and I'm sorry.
  • If you think something is too mean, it probably is. You can't really be too kind on the internet. 
  • Forest North is a place where people can feel safe and comfortable. If you're threatening my turf, expect to be removed.
  • In case that last bit isn't clear: I reserve the right to delete any interaction that isn't in the spirit of the community fostered here. 
  • Also, you can totally send me hate mail, if you want. But I reserve the right to post it, along with your full name. :D

{Privacy Policy}

  • I don't share your information. Period.

{Affiliate Links, etc.}

  • Not a super big fan of these, to be honest. I'll let you know if I change my mind.