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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.


General policies and expectations for my products, editorial services, and book coaching.

It's never my intention to disappoint you, to under deliver, or to trick you.
I take my work here very seriously, and I take my integrity even more seriously.

I do not want you to be dissatisfied with my work or your experience here. 

However, I do understand that life is complicated. 
We might not be a perfect fit for each other. 
Or maybe something comes up, and you can no longer commit to your creative project.
Maybe your expectations and my offerings didn't quite match up. 

If this happens: please get in touch. 
I believe most conflicts can be rectified through communication.
I'd like an opportunity to make things better if I can.

Here's a breakdown of my general policies.

{Returns & Refunds}

  • Coaching services / drafting support:
    • If you've still got sessions remaining & we're still within eight months (for six sessions) or eighteen months (for twelve sessions) of the beginning of our work together, I will refund you for the remaining sessions at the current prorated rate.
    • There are no refunds for completed sessions.
  • Editorial services:
    • I offer refunds on uncompleted work only. Once you've received my feedback, you are no longer eligible for a refund on that particular pass.
    • I do not offer refunds mid-pass. (For example, if I'm half-done with your developmental edit and you want to end our agreement, I am not going to send you what I have and give you half your money back.)
    • If you decide to cancel our agreement before you've received any feedback, your deposit ($1000) is forfeit, but any funds paid in addition to the deposit will be returned to you.
    • If I decide to cancel our agreement before you've received any feedback, I will return 100% of your payment, deposit included.
    • If you decide to cancel our agreement before we've completed all three passes on your book, you will receive a refund for any uncompleted work as broken down on the project page.
    • For the discounted editorial package: If desired, I will refund 25% of the price of the pass if you do not receive your feedback within one month (30 days) of our agreed-upon deadline as compensation for your time. 
    • If you have concerns or questions about the work that you've received, please get in touch. I'd appreciate the opportunity to make things right for you.
  • Products and offerings:
    • Digital products: if you're dissatisfied, I'll refund 100% of the purchase cost if notified within 15 days of purchase. After that point, all sales are final.
    • Physical products: If something is broken or lost in transit, I will make it right. Otherwise, all sales are final.

{Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements}

  • All files I receive are stored securely and under password. I take reasonable efforts to maintain security and privacy. 
  • I do not share any author materials without permission. Nor do I share specific details of your work. This is true while we're working together and after we're done.
  • It is not my responsibility to establish or maintain copyright for your work.
  • I am happy to sign an NDA if this would make you feel more comfortable.
  • You have the right to any editing work I provide to you. You may share it at will. If I want to share the editorial feedback I've created for your project, I'll get your permission before doing so.