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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.

editing services

Book editing services and editorial support for authors of finished and unfinished fiction books and manuscripts. Available editorial services include developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and editorial critiques offered by editor.

{ Fiction Editing Services at Forest North Books }


I formulate my comprehensive editorial approach
to support your desired outcomes for your book.
Each partnership is slightly different.

We will create the environment you need for your best work
to flourish with the help of my expert guidance.

If you're looking for thorough editorial support sustained through the entire revision process,
this is where you'll find it.

My editorial partnerships generally unfold as follows:

  • Either partial or finished manuscripts are fine. I recommend having at least 30,000 words drafted to give us a solid place to start. (If you haven't started your book yet, consider coaching.)

  • When you're ready to begin our work together, you can contact me through email or make a deposit below. Once I receive your payment, I'll be in touch to collect your manuscript and schedule an introductory call. 

  • I'll read through your current manuscript and deliver an editorial review (see below for details). This allows us to get to know each other and allows you to familiarize yourself with my editorial approach before we begin our deeper work together.

  • During the review, we'll discuss your ideal outcomes for the book. I customize each partnership to make sure it supports you and your manuscript in the best possible way.

  • After the editorial review, I'll send along an agreement that details our responsibilities to each other, an anticipated structure for our work together, and finalized pricing. You can preview that agreement here. 

  • We'll apply the traditional suite of editorial approaches in a way that best supports your current book and your goals. The revision process will likely include some combination of developmental editing & critique, line editing, copyediting, and proofreadingalong with an editorial review of your ancillary materials (author bio, book blurb, etc.) and one-on-one support.

  • Most collaborations wind down with a finished book within six months to a year. This process is designed to ensure your book is the best it can be. It is not intended to be quick. Expect your revisions to take some time.


Editorial partnerships for fiction books generally include:

  • the initial editorial review and conversation about your book as a whole,

  • two or three separate in-text editorial passes, starting with story-level feedback and transitioning to language and grammar,

  • one or two partial passes to address smaller sections that need extra care and attention,

  • personal support & coaching and intermediary feedback during revisions,

  • accountability and advice, if desired, and

  • support for ancillary materials, whether you're self-publishing or seeking traditional representation.

 Editorial Partnerships begin at $3500


- seven partnership spots remain for 2017 -

I require a minimum deposit of $500 at the beginning of our partnership.
Payment plans are flexible; most authors choose to pay $300/month for 10 months after the first deposit.

Questions about this service? Contact me. 

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"There is no substitution for an editor who is thorough, guides your creative process, understands your long-term goals, and simply gets you. Brenda has mentored me through the crafting process of three books, and I cannot imagine doing it without her.

Her guidance, encouragement, and critique have made my books shine and have helped me hone my craft. Brenda is dedicated to her clients and cares deeply about their projects and goals.

Brenda is not just an editor, she is a mentor, a cheerleader, and a guru."

{ Michelle Boule }


Not every author needs a dedicated guide
while in the wilds of revision.

But when you're ready to make some big changes to your book, 
it can help to climb a tree for a clearer perspective.

The Editorial Review is that tree.
I can help you proceed with your revisions with confidence. 

An editorial review includes:

  • one 20-minute introductory call, where we discuss your book and the feedback you're looking for,

  • a full editorial read-through of your partial or finished manuscript and any accompanying materials, and

  • a 90-minute call to discuss your book, my feedback and suggestions, any questions you might have for me, and our next steps.


You'll leave our conversation with the following:

  • an awareness of your book's greatest strength in its current format,

  • an understanding of your book's greatest weakness, and

  • one actionable suggestion for addressing your book's greatest weakness in your next revision.

Cost: $350


If we decide to continue our work together after the editorial review,
I will apply the full cost of this package towards an editorial partnership or other customized package.

Questions about this service? Contact me.

I've worked with Brenda on two books now, and each time I learned an incredible amount from her.

 As a first-time author, I needed direction and clarity; she provided both. On the second go round, I learned to add a new depth to my writing. Not only can Brenda identify your manuscript's problems, she can help you fix them. Wherever there's a criticism, there's always a suggested fix to go with it.

 She will make sure that your story reaches its full potential.

{ Stephanie Beavers }

Are you looking for editing services that differ from the approaches I outline above?
I'm happy to discuss your book or project and your individual needs.

Contact me with the details.