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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.

book coaching services

Book coaching services and editorial support for authors of unfinished fiction books and manuscripts. 

{ Book Coaching for First-Time Authors }


The terrain between you and your completed first draft can be intimidating, but you do not have to navigate it alone.
Others have made this journey. You can make it too. 

There is no single path to a completed book.
What we will discover together is your path.

If you're looking for compassionate guidance,
gentle structure, and sensitive editorial feedback as you draft your first book, this is where you'll find it.

You can expect the following from our six-month collaboration:

  • An awareness of your own best approach to drafting.

  • An understanding of the actual lived experience of writing a book. 

  • Realistic, achievable expectations for a successful first draft.

  • Gentle accountability and reframing around perfectionism.

  • Permission to take the time to deeply consider your writing.

  • A holistic approach to the act of writing and creative work.

  • An invested discussion partner to hone your character and plot development and your thematic and narrative approach.

  • Compassionate advice, emotional support, and encouragement.

  • A deep confidence in your storytelling decisions and approach.

  • A sound document structure & organization for your materials and drafts that you can carry forward for your next book.

  • Significant progress on your first draft


My one-on-one coaching packages include:

  • An introductory 30-minute conversation. We'll outline your goals and ideal outcomes, check in with expectations around the creative process, and make sure we're compatible before we embark.

  • An initial review of your accumulated materials. I'll read anything you've drafted to this point, your outlines or prewriting, and any other supplementary information.

  • An assessment of your systems and logistics. Together we can make sure you have the best organizational approach possible for you as you draft.

  • A personalized drafting and accountability strategy for you. Whether you prefer to meticulously outline or charge boldly ahead, we'll create and implement a structure that works for you.

  • Twelve biweekly hour-long calls. We'll discuss the draft itself, your writing process, elements of fiction, and anything else that impacts your creative work.

  • Gentle verbal feedback on your draft as you write. My criticism is designed to help you write the most effective and efficient first draft possible, not to have you curl up in defeat.

  • Unlimited email access to me for all six months. I know how important it can be to have someone in your corner. 

Your Investment: $2150

Package price is broken down as follows:
Introductory call: $50
Six monthly payments: $350


Book drafting can be an unpredictable process, and some first-time authors need more than six months to finish their draft.
After the first six months, each additional month is $200; as-needed hour-long calls are $125.

All book-coaching clients receive 20% off future editorial services.

Questions about this service? Contact me. 

accolades 1.0 (2).png

My chats with Brenda were invaluable as I navigated the murky waters of an early draft of my first novel.

Brenda provided clarity as I struggled with technical issues, but more importantly, she encouraged me to ignore the voices in my head telling me I wasn't a real writer

Her professional guidance and gentle reassurance were exactly what I needed to build confidence as a beginning writer of fiction and to reinvigorate me. 

I've dubbed her the Brene Brown of writers' coaching, because she was never afraid to be real with me and she always reminded me that what I was doing was worthwhile. 

{ Sara Bates }


Writing can be a solitary undertaking,
but drafting does not need to occur in isolation.

We can ask for and receive support as we go
and share our wisdom
in return.

If you long for companions on your journey to your first book,
you are not alone.

The Drafting Out Loud Support Group is a group-coaching experience based on the philosophy of Drafting Out Loud.

Imagine a salon-like experience, where you can find support and encouragement as you write, creating relationships with other writers as you go. A virtual six-month writing retreat.

Think NaNoWriMo, but intimate, stretched over six months instead of 30 days. Low pressure, lots of support. Time to laugh.

Each instance of the support group is capped at ten participants.


Drafting Out Loud Support Group I
begins May 8, 2017

Cost: $1050

Package price is broken down into six monthly payments of $175.


Questions about this service? Contact me.

I cannot say enough about the joy and knowledge I have gained from the group of writers Brenda has brought together.

Our group is like an extended family—they're encouraging, but they still tell me what I need to hear to better myself as a writer and a storyteller.

Brenda herself is a wealth of wisdom and delight. I feel like I have become a better writer and a better person just by being in her coaching group.

{ Tara Shiloh Gilbert }

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Are you looking for coaching services that differ from the approaches I outline above?
I'm happy to discuss your book or project and your individual needs.

Contact me with the details.