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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.


A blog focused on writing process, effective writing, effective narration, the writing culture at large, and supporting writers and authors as they do their best work.

Book beginners: Not having started is not a cardinal sin.

Brenda Peregrine


I have so, so much love for those of you who have the burning desire to write a book and haven’t yet written a word.

So much love. In a lot of ways, I created Forest North for you in particular.

I love working with writers who’ve worked hard (and a lot of times alone) to create a finished book, and through my editorial work at www.eclecticeditor.com and here at Forest North, I have been SO HONORED to enter into the collaborative process once that first draft is completed. I never want to stop doing that work.

But I have had so many conversations with those of you who aren’t quite there yet.  Who aren’t ready for editorial services. Who might not even be ready to commit to a writing practice. And I want to help you too.

You’re not being served by the NaNoWriMo approach. You’re not motivated by the shame-y scammers who claim you can “Write Your Book in 30 Days!” You’re not maybe even ready to start coaching. And that is okay.

But you also can’t shake the idea of writing a book. And that is ALSO okay.

God, that little book-writing flame that will. not. die. It’s so important! It so matters! And it is so easily trounced by productivity shame and militant writing regimes, not to mention life in general.

It’s a hard place to be in, to have the desire and nothing (yet) to show for it. Culturally, we’re not very friendly to people in that position. And that’s critically unfair.

Because the reality is: you’re not doing anything wrong by wanting a thing and not having it yet.

We don’t place that judgment and shame on someone who wants a new kitchen or a new car. We don’t shame them for expressing the desire before they have the thing. In fact, for many people, the actual airing of the desire is the first step in the acquisition of the thing.

It’s really not all that different from writing. It is okay to want to write a book and not have written anything, maybe in a very long while. It is okay to say you want a thing before you have it.

It is okay to own your own desires for yourself and your creative life.

I’m never going to say: push through it and write anyway. You can demonstrate how far that kind of approach gets you by pushing your palms against themselves. You’re going to go nowhere fast.

But I will say, “You need to claim what you want in this life.” You need to say, to yourself and to others, “I want to write a book.” Speak your truth. Own your own desires.

Don’t make it a joke. Don’t laugh it off or pretend it’s a passing whim, if it’s not. It’s not silly for you to want to write. It’s not silly for you to want to expend creative energy, and it’s not a joke. Even the silliest books are creative gifts.

If you’re ready to write, write. But until you’re ready, until the day comes where you feel okay sitting down with your paper or your computer and allowing something to spill out onto the page, take that desire to write seriously.

That flame? It’s the source of your creative magic. Stoke it and cherish it until you’re ready to set the world ablaze. 

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{February 13, 2016}