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Forest North | Holistic writing and editorial support for writers at every stage of their journey. Nonfiction & all flavors of fiction welcome here.


Testimonials from authors and writers who have used my book coaching services and editorial services for finished books and books as they're being written. 

Here's what my clients have to say about me.

{Coaching Work}

Mara Glatzel, writer & intuitive coach:

Brenda is my book-writing fairy godmother. 

Profoundly clear and deeply compassionate, she has a special knack for freeing up some mental space when I'm feeling stuck and guiding me through places of resistance. I adore working with her to pieces, but the crux of it is this: I have gotten SO much more work done with her by my side than I would have if I were working on this project by myself. 

Do yourself a favor, hire her and let her help you get your words out of your heart and onto the page. You will not regret it.

Mara and her work can be found: website | twitter | facebook


Sara Bates, writer & interiors blogger:

My monthly chats with Brenda were invaluable as I navigated the murky waters of an early draft of my first novel.

Brenda provided clarity as I struggled with technical issues, but more importantly, she encouraged me to ignore the voices in my head telling me I wasn't a real writer

Her professional guidance and gentle reassurance were exactly what I needed to build confidence as a beginning writer of fiction and to reinvigorate me. 

I've dubbed her the Brene Brown of writers' coaching, because she was never afraid to be real with me and she always reminded me that what I was doing was worthwhile. 

Sara and her work can be found: website | twitter | facebook

Corrie Tomaszewski, writer:

As a first-time writer with an incomplete story rife with questions and uncertainties, going to Brenda was an amazing help.

Conceptually, I was at a point in my book where I knew where I wanted to go, but had no idea how to steer the plot to that destination. Brenda not only had suggestions that lined up perfectly with the vision in my head, but she guided me through those plot points that had stumped me with a gentle effectiveness. She got me excited again about finishing a story that had been eluding me.

I was so impressed with how she could see the big picture before even talking with me and really understood where I wanted the story to go. I can't recommend Brenda's services enough. I was nervous and uncertain about having anyone read my book and had no idea what to expect from a coaching session with an editor, but the result was beyond what I could have hoped for!

{Editorial Work}


Michelle Boule, author of the Turning Creek Series:

There is no substitution for an editor who is thorough, guides your creative process, understands your long-term goals, and simply gets you. Brenda has mentored me through the crafting process of three books, and I cannot imagine doing it without her. Her guidance, encouragement, and critique have made my books shine and have helped me hone my craft. Brenda is dedicated to her clients and cares deeply about their projects and goals. 

Brenda is not just an editor, she is a mentor, a cheerleader, and a guru.

Michelle and her work can be found: website | twitter | facebook


S. L. Shelton, author of the Scott Wolfe Series:

Finding Brenda was a lucky strike for me.

The Scott Wolfe Series was nothing but a huge first draft mess. I needed a talented, objective eye to help me sort it out and turn it into the bestselling series it has become.

I've learned a great deal about my presentation from Brenda and would not have anyone else handle my developmental edits.

S.L. Shelton and his work can be found: website | twitter | facebook

Alexi Lawless, author of the Complicated Creatures Series: 

Working with Brenda was an incredible developmental experience.

I'd been writing for years, but she took my game to a completely different level with extreme insight, well-placed challenges, and a relentless focus on staying true to the narrative when I wasn't certain myself. 

What I got out of the experience was far beyond anything I'd imagined: a series instead of one story, a globally recognized cast of characters and a clearer understanding of my strengths as a writerand exactly how to play to them.

Alexi and her work can be found: website | twitter | facebook



Stephanie Beavers, author of the Fire and Stone Series:

I've worked with Brenda on two books now, and each time I learned an incredible amount from her.

 As a first-time author, I needed direction and clarity; she provided both. On the second go round, I learned to add a new depth to my writing. Not only can Brenda identify your manuscript's problems, she can help you fix them. Wherever there's a criticism, there's always a suggested fix to go with it.

 She will make sure that your story reaches its full potential.

Stephanie and her work can be found: website | twitter 


Keith Allen, author of the Richard Rogan Files:

Brenda is the awesomest, most amazing, most spectacular, most astonishing, bestest editor and collaborator of all time. 

Seriously though, the thing I appreciate most about Brenda is that she takes the time to understand the story. She isn't a churn and burn kind of editor—spitting out grammar fixes and formulaic developmental edits. She doesn't attempt to alter my voice with her own, and she gets to know my characters and their unique points of view. She cares not only about the quality of the words, but also the quality of our collaborative relationship. 

Working with Brenda is like talking shop with a friend over a chai tea latte on a fall afternoon.

Keith and his work can be found: website | twitter


Shannon O'Neil, author of Killer Shine:

Simply put, I would not have a book without Brenda.

There are tons of qualified editors out there, but Brenda is so much more. As a true developmental editor, she can take all the crazy thoughts in your author brain and help you make sense of them.

The thing I loved most about working with her was that each time we talked about my book, she never treated my characters like they were two-dimensional figments of my imagination. She talked about them like they were real people (which, to me, they are). It not only made me feel so comfortable and so able to trust her with my thoughts, it was also tremendously helpful in developing my characters and plot.

Brenda pushed me to really think about the emotions and motives of my characters and how they would react in certain situations. Brenda is passionate about her work, and it's contagious. She motivated me through the whole writing process and made the editing process (which is normally very arduous) so enjoyable.

I will definitely be working with her again, and I can't wait!

Shannon and her work can be found: website | twitter | facebook